Contendunt is on a mission to spark positive conversation, raise awareness, and tackle mental health stigma.

We want to work with young people and adults who participate, spectate, and are involved in parkour, skateboarding, and roller sports, to improve their understanding of mental health, educate figureheads in those communities & to provide the information and services to those involved in these sports.

How Are We Doing This?

We have recently become a C.I.C.

A C.I.C is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community, rather than private shareholders. This means we are a not for profit organisation. Any profit generated is used to grow and develop the business which is benefiting our identified community.

This means any business conducted where money comes into the company (such as sales on our store) is put back into the business with the aim of benefitting the community in pursuit of our missions goal.

It also means that we can apply for funding to help us achieve our goal.

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We have added a list of mental health services of over 100 countries and regions on our website.


Profits go towards mental health training, community events & supporting mental health within sporting communities.

20% of the profits are donated to MenTalkHealth - A Brighton based mental health charity. This means our profits help us completing our mission.

Where Do Profits & Donations Go?

As stated above, any money that comes into the business will get reinvested back into the company to benefit the community we want to serve.

Below shows how many MHFA courses we have helped our chosen chairty, MenTalkHealth provide.

Shop and Support

course materials provided for mental health first aider's by MenTalkHealth UK

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Donations to Mental Health Charities

Currently, 20% of our profits are donated to Brighton-based mental health charity "MenTalkHealth"

Training Courses

Mental Health First Aid courses & Mental Health Instructor Training are just a few of the courses we will be training up on. These courses can be costly.

Half Day Courses - Around £125

One Day Courses - Around £200

Two Day Courses - Around £300

Mental Health Instructor Training - Around £2,700

Improving Our Services

This would include developments to further information on our website, or in person, to provide the best possible advice and information regarding mental health and well-being.

Community Events

This includes jam sessions, coffee mornings, virtual & in-person workshops & much more.

Access to Information

We want to support organisations and businesses by providing them the ability to access mental health information and services. We also want to provide a place where participants, industry leaders, coaches & spectators can access information.


We believe basic and advanced mental health training should be included in qualifications for sports. The money that comes into the business will work on making that a reality.

How Can You Help?

Any help & support you give us is really appreciated, and we wouldn't be able to achieve our mission without you.

If you want to help & support Contendunt in achieving the goals and missions we have set out to do, you can do this by;

- Shopping on our online store.

- Following our social channels

- Liking, Sharing & Talking about our content

- Donations

- Attending events, workshops & meet-ups

- Give us feedback, positive, neutral or constructive. We're here to serve you.

- Signing Up to our Mailing List

Support by shopping

When you shop, you help us achieve our mission.

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