A Mental Health Focused Community Project

Our mission is to improve the lack of mental health information and awareness seen within our lifestyle sporting communities.

The world is a shit place to be these days, especially if you don't have any guidance or a safe place to go to talk about your issues.

Contendunt is for the community, founded by Callun Lavington, who wants to use his 10 years+ within the sport of parkour to bring awareness to mental health issues seen within sports, & give people a space where individuals can find help, resources and the tools to use in their own life.

By joining our community, you are contributing to the access and support of mental health information and education to everyone.

Thank You!

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Find out more about Contendunt, and why making mental health accessible is our mission.

How Contendunt Started

Contendunt started in 2019

Contendunt was originally conceptualised as a brand that would have it's place against the other big hitters within the parkour industry.

the early days

The Beginning

Contendunt never worked as a parkour clothing brand. I had no experience working with factories, or managing a team. In 2021, Contendunt almost closed down as I wasn't enjoying working on it anymore, and I was falling out of love with the sport due to a number of reasons...

the early days


After years of scraping by, trying to follow a direction I have seen many other brands and teams within this sport go down before, I realised that this was all forming the foundations of what my vision for this brand would eventually become.

Mental health awareness

My Story

I started struggling with my mental health back in 2014. I was 15 when I first started experiencing struggles with my mental health, and for almost a decade it never got better.

In 2021, I was abusing alcohol and had become an alcoholic. I lost my love and passion for parkour and Contendunt.

What followed was a mental breakdown in January 2022. I had decided that I was going to take my own life when I finished work one evening, leaving everything behind and ending the pain that I was experiencing.

The Call That Saved My Life


My friend Peter decided to phone me that evening. I'm still unsure why, but he phoned me moments before I was ready to take my own life.

Peter gave a listening ear, and encouraged me to talk and seek help for how I was feeling. Peter stayed on the phone, and made sure that I got on the train and back home safely before our call finished. Without Peter, I probably wouldn't be here today.

The Start of Our Mental Health Mission

Spreading the message

Clothing With a Purpose

Since January 2022, we have worked on making mental health information more accessible within the parkour and lifestyle sports communities. Our clothing is designed to promote a positive mental health message, and encourages people to open conversations surrounding mental health.

Supporting the cause


20% of all sales from our clothing is donated to mental health charities. That means when you shop with Contendunt, you're helping us fund the crucial work these charities do to provide mental health services to people within our communities.

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Taking a stand

Mental Health Awareness

Contendunt is a C.I.C. We work for our community. Any income we generate or raise is used to further deliver our message to the lifestyle sports communities.

Myself and Vicky are both Mental Health First Aid trained, and our next goal is to take Mental Health First Aid instructor training, meaning we can deliver mental health qualifications to a wide spectrum of our sports communities.

Working With Our Community

We've already delivered some free virtual and in person suicide awareness courses, as well as creating infographics for indoor facilities to display to their participants and staff, helping make mental health help more accessible within our community.