A Community Focused Mental Health Project

Contendunt was originally conceptualised as a brand that would have its place against the other big hitters within the parkour industry.

After years of scraping by, trying to follow a direction I have seen many other brands and teams within this sport go down before, I realized that this was all forming the foundations of what my vision for this brand would eventually become.

Contendunt is a community focused mental health project.

Our mission is to improve the lack of mental health information and awareness seen within our lifestyle sporting communities.

The world is a shit place to be these days, especially if you don't have any guidance or a safe place to go to talk about your issues.

Contendunt is for the community, founded by Callun Lavington, who wants to use his 10 years within the sport of parkour to bring awareness to mental health issues seen within sports, & give people a space where individuals can find help, resources and the tools to use in their own life.

By joining our community, you are contributing to the access and support of mental health information and education to everyone.

Thank You!