Role Models

Contendunt couldn't operate without the team behind it.

Our small team helps make our mental health mission happen.

We use the term "Role Models" as a role model is a person who serves as an example of the values, attitudes, and behaviors associated with Contendunt.

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Callun Lavington

Following a short-lived career as a professional Parkour athlete, Callun started Contendunt as a generic, run of the mill Parkour brand.

After years of battling severe mental health problems, Callun decided to change Contendunt's focus to promoting the inclusion and education of mental health in lifestyle sports.

"People in lifestyle sports are doing brilliant and inspiring things physically all the time, but there is a lack of discussion around our mental health. It's time to change that."

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Planning, Content & Events

Vicky Smith

Vicky helps us massively behind-the-scenes. She makes a huge effort to speak to everyone who attends and supports our events. She is also responsible in helping us make sure everything runs smoothly.

"Mental health is something I have been passionate about for many years. Through Callun, I have been introduced to parkour, and I have such respect and admiration for the community. I’m proud to be helping Contendunt, starting up healthy conversations regarding Mental Health for not just the Parkour community, but for other lifestyle sports too"

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Sponsored Athlete

Marcus "Coose" John

Marcus' mindset of doing what makes him happy makes him the perfect ambassador for Contendunt.

Marcus has been supporting Contendunt from the very beggining, and he will always have a spot on our team.

If you need a bit of cheering up, his YouTube videos are full of memes which are enough to brighten your day.

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Sponsored ATHLETE

Oliver Ashby

Another legacy athlete, Oliver has been part of Contendunt since 2019.

Oliver currently lives in Bristol, where he is at university.

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Content Lead

Oliver O'Brien

Oliver is a photographer/videographer from Coventry, currently based in Leicester. Oliver found Parkour about 7 years ago and is looking forward to being on board with Contendunt as he is passionate about mental health, especially after his own experiences and noticing the stigma surrounding it.

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Brand Ambassador

Scott Royce

Scott has practiced parkour for around 15 years, and he started training again last year after a 7 year break.

"I immediatley fell in love with what Contendunt is doing and how they're spreading mental health awareness.

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Brand Ambassador

Amber Eggleden

Amber is 28 and a year and a half ago took up skateboarding.

For Amber, skating and mental health go hand in hand.

Any time she's on a board she is able to get away from her mind, move her body and overcome obstacles.

"I love the feeling of flying about a bowl, and getting over fears. There is something really empowering about it. I personally am affected my mental health constantly as I have severe anxiety and bipolar disorder, but skating is my outlet. Having open conversations about mental health is very important to me."

Amber says "I am super excited to be a part of the contedunt family and am very proud to be a role model."

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Brand Ambassador

Isla Ramsay

Isla is a sport coaching student from Scotland.

"Parkour creates so many physical and mental challenges. After trying Parkour when I was 12/13 I found my passion for it again in 2022, and I work to spark love for lifestyle sports in young people.

Mental health is such an important aspect in our daily lives and is often neglected. I struggled a lot with my own mental health and working with Contendunt will be an amazing opportunity to raise awareness."

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