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Climate Friendly Streetwear Supporting Mental Health

In my 23 years on this planet, I have discovered two things that truly suck. Those things are bad mental health, and clothing that isn't sustainably made or eco-friendly.

Well fear not my self-loving, planet caring friends, for today I have the perfect solution for you. 

Welcome to Contendunt. Put it bluntly, we're a brand that put a massive emphasis on caring for yourself, and caring for the planet. 

A few years ago, when Contendunt started, one of the things I always wanted to do was make the brand as sustainable as possible.

The first t-shirt we ever sold was 100% Organic Cotton Jersey, made using wind and solar energy. It was climate-neutral and we opted for embroidery as, at the time, we couldn't find the right printing company that offered eco-friendly inks to print on the t-shirts. A proper step into eco-friendly streetwear.

I wanted to carry this trend on throughout the brand. We've moved within the last 8 months to seriously pushing for mental health awareness. Your mind and how you treat it is very important, and we promote sparking positive conversations about mental health, as no one should have to suffer in silent. 

That's all good, but how does this link together?

Assuming, as one would do through the computer screen, you have asked this question, then fear not. I have the answer just for you. 

When you shop with us, you achieve two very important things. 

1 - Profits from your purchase are donated to mental health charity "MenTalkHealth." - A mental health charity that focuses on getting men talking for the benefit of everyone. They have a strong focus in the LGBTQ+ community, but they help and support people from all backgrounds, races, religions, genders and sexuality. 
The rest of the profits go toward funding mental health awareness courses for individuals, businesses, coaches and industry leaders in lifestyle sports, such as parkour, skateboarding and other roller sports. 

2 - We have been working relentlessly hard recently to provide clothing on our store that is friendly as fuck to the planet. There are a number of ways we have been working to achieve this, and we have been working with some of the best in the industry to help make this a reality. This includes the following:

  • The people who handle our products are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age.
  • Our inks use only water-based inks. They're OEKO-TEX approved (they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). This means any products on our store that are printed are done so using ink that is friendly to the planet, and doesn't cause any harm to our environments.
  • We are moving towards a wide variety of organic and fair wear accredited garments, bringing you some proper eco-friendly, climate change approved streetwear & clothing.
  • All the excess and waste cardboard and paper we and our product handlers use is recycled.
  • The majority of the packaging used to ship all orders is 100% plastic-free. We are currently working with our other suppliers to moving towards plastic-free alternatives. Other items are shipping in degradable bags.  

I think the most important thing for us here, is getting it right. We've gone through loads of trial and error... We've been working to create a product that lasts a long while, not a product that you wear a few times before it starts shrinking, or the threading comes loose as you get in those high street retail shops... that's not cool.

So, here's the summary. 

When you shop with us, you achieve a more climate friendly wardrobe. Being eco-friendly is cool as fuck. Like seriously, it's really cool. We're happy to be bringing you some climate friendly clothing that doesn't cost an outrageous amount. When you buy, not only are you helping save the planet, but in doing so, you are also supporting mental health charities, and helping us on a mission to getting mental health education in a sector that is in need of it. 

Let's grow and heal together. 

Big love!



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Show Your Support For Mental Health

We donate 20% of all sales to the mental health charity "Campaign Against Living Miserably" (CALM)