An Update on Contendunt Products (Worldwide Shipping)

An Update on Contendunt Products (Worldwide Shipping)

Hey everyone. 

It's been a challenging few months, but I am glad that the online store is back open again. 

There's been a few really important (temporary) changes that I have unfortunately had to make in order to keep Contendunt going. 

I want to be clear now, these changes are temporary. There's a few things that I need to sort out, a few I's to dot and Ts to cross but I am hoping to get these issues sorted in the not too distant future. 

Let me start with the first one...

Worldwide Shipping

Currently, we aren't able to ship orders to addresses outside of the UK. There's a few "back end business" bits which need to get sorted out before I can bring this back. 

This won't apply to all of our customers, as the vast majority of Contendunt's customers are based in the UK. 

For those of you who are in the US, Canada, European countries, etc - please bare with me whilst I sort this out. It's not going to be forever, but I am really trying to make sure that everything is correct and in place to make this process as smooth sailing as possible in the future. 

Please accept my deepest apologises, and if you're ever unsure, please do not to hesitate to reach out to me on the Contendunt Instagram account. 

New Contendunt T-shirts

We have made the decision to change the blank t-shirts that we use for Contendunt.

The supplier and blank that we were originally using had become subject to an incredible amount of stock shortage, and unfortunately the price had become incredibly inflated over the last few years. 

I never want to inflate Contendunt's prices so that people are having to dive deep into their pockets for our products, especially at times like these.

What is happening now, however, is we are sourcing and printing our products from a different supplier. 

The Good News

These t-shirt blanks are amazing. I am super happy with them. They're heavy weight, super comfortable, and are super cost effective. I think these tshirts are some of the best we've ever used to date. 

The Choke Points

The blanks we have decided to use are printed and shipped from the US. This means that it takes a little while longer for our products to reach your door. 

I understand that people are super enthusiastic about getting their Contendunt clothing quick - and I know the pain of watching every delivery driver go past your house as you eagerly wait for your order, but this is a decision that I have had to make for both the business, the customer experience, and the end product. 

The Solution

Because of this, we are offering free shipping across the entire Contendunt store. This saves you a bit of money on your order, and hopefully us covering the shipping costs is enough for you to forgive us as these tshirts take a little while longer to reach you than we would prefer. 

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their continued words of kind support over the last few months. My mental health wasn't in a great place, and I am really excited to be opening the online shop back up to everyone. 

Please bare with me whilst I iron out these teething problems, and let's continue to spread mental health awareness in our sports together!

With love

Callun x

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