Mental Health Parkour Session in London

Mental Health Parkour Session in London

January 28th 2023 Contendunt is running it's FIRST Progression Street Session.

These sessions are for anyone and everyone, regardless of age or ability, we want everyone to come together, train and have a sick time!

The Progression Street Sessions are outdoor Parkour training sessions that focus on the community and relationship aspect of Parkour training.

Our idea is to get people of all abilities, backgrounds, genders and groups to come together, meet new people and train. 

Over the last three years, the world has adapted to life during and post global pandemic. In an age where everyone is connected VIA digital channels like social media, the amount of loneliness felt by individuals is the highest it has ever been in recorded history.

We believe connection is super important, and this is something we want to encourage and being back again in this newly adapted world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran in the sport, or a complete beginner. These sessions are open to anyone and everyone of all abilities.

We will also have mental health information available for anyone who wants to have a discrete (or open!) chat with us!

The first location is Silverlock, Surrey Quays, 3 Warndon Street, London. We're meeting at 11:30AM!

See you there!


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Show Your Support For Mental Health

We donate 20% of all sales to the mental health charity "Campaign Against Living Miserably" (CALM)