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Mental Health Awareness Course!

Recently, Parkour UK received 5-year funding support from Sport England totalling over 1.5 million pounds.
Their plans for what they plan to do for the money can be found in this very insightful podcast by our friends over at The Motus Projects - where another friend of ours, Chris Grant, Development Manager at Parkour UK, sits down to explain the funding, & what Parkour UK's goals and missions are over this 5-year period. 
Shortly after we made the decision in January of this year to shift our brand towards mental health awareness, Chris reached out to us offering help, advice, assistance, and to open a line of dialogue between our small business and Parkour UK. 
Chris previously used to work in youth mental health, working for an anti-stigma charity. Chris is mental health first aid trained, and his previous work and experience in this field has opened the door to achieving both our mission (To raise positive awareness and start conversation surrounding mental health) & Parkour UKs mission (To connect, work with the community, & grow the sport of parkour.)
After our initial conversation, Chris got to work, and he managed to secure a Mental Health Awareness course in collaboration with Brighton based mental health charity Men Talk Health. 

Parkour UK is pleased to announce our first mental Health First Aid course in Brighton 14/15 July.
We'll be partnering with Men Talk Health UK – a Brighton based Mental Health charity who works to get men talking about mental health for the benefit of everyone.
They do this by sharing lived experiences and conversations from a range of people who have a story to share.

Improving mental health awareness and empowering our communities to support each other is a shared belief across both organisations, and so we are pleased to be able to work on this together.

The course is open to all genders and takes place at the Ledward Centre in Brighton – this precedes Contendunt 's parkour and wellbeing jam on 16th July on Brighton seafront. 

We will be sending Vicky on the course for Contendunt. 
Vicky has been a huge help over the last few months, helping us with updating the "Support" & "Mental Health Help & Advice" sections on our website, as well as getting the correct resources for our well-being day on July 16th. 
We have recently taken a step into investing into mental-health training for people involved with our brand. This will allow us to provide higher quality mental health information backed by professionals. 
We cannot thank Parkour UK enough for offering to help us spread and push our message of mental health conversation within our community. We can't wait to be able to provide you better insights and information in the future! 
The course costs £85, and you can book it here! Here's what the course entails:
Day one: 9:30am -5pm
  • Welcome & Attitudes to Mental Health
  • First Aid for Depression
  • First Aid for Suicide
  • Alcohol, Drugs, and Mental Health
Day two: 9:30am – 5pm
  • First Aid Anxiety
  • Personality Disorders
  • Eating Disorders & Self Harm
  • First Aid for Psychosis
  • Recovery
  • Action planning for mental health first aiders.


 If you can, please consider booking a slot! Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it's time we started discussing it as a community! 


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Show Your Support For Mental Health

We donate 20% of all sales to the mental health charity "Campaign Against Living Miserably" (CALM)