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Consumerism Costs The Earth


Black Friday is ONE MONTH AWAY.

In Contendunt's push to be more sustainable, it has become increasingly apparent in our research that Black Friday encourages people to consume regardless of need, and this over-consumption mindset has serious consequences for both the environment and our society. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday also reflect important social issues: the surge of unnecessary consumerism is the outcome of capitalism's unbridled ambition for expansion. This has frequently resulted in people being valued solely on the basis of how many luxury goods they have amassed, rather than their character, inventiveness, or ability. A large portion of our economies is devoted to getting these ideas out of people's heads and convincing them that all they want is more commodities. It also encourages customers to overlook the ethical question of whether it's OK to shop at a company like Pretty Little Thing, which ran a 99% sale over BF in 2020, who exploit their factory workers and pay them essentially nothing.

As a small business, it would be silly not to use Black Friday as a marketing tool, but we are going to do it right this year, and we are going to do it fair.

More information on our Black Friday event coming in the next few weeks.

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