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A No Fun Zone

Just before Christmas, we started teasing a new concept over on our Instagram account. The concept was something that we had wanted to work on and develop for a little while, and it was only now did the time feel right to do so.

Horsham, the town we are based, banned Parkour from happening in the town centre in September 2016. I would bore you with a load of writing about it, but tbh early last year, JimmyTheGiant came to Horsham to document and tell the story of the ban, you can watch that video below.

Recently, we just hit the 5 year anniversary of Parkour being officially recognised as a sport within the UK, the first country to do so and a landmark for the sport.

With this, Parkour UK (The governing body of Parkour in the UK) & Horsham District Council held a meeting to discuss changing the Public Spaces Protection Order that was set out to ban Parkour from the town centre in the first place.

Since it has been changed, the wording is now foggy. It says "No unauthorised access to buildings or street furniture"... whatever that means.

This has been placed under the same order as public alcohol abuse, dangerous/anti-social driving, and dog fouling.

Horsham PSPO

As someone who trains in Horsham on a regular basis, I have been met with both warm reception from officials and members of the public, whilst also having to deal with those working in the council who still insist that what we are doing is wrong.

The new capsule, our PSPO hoodie takes the current PSPO signs seen all over Horsham town, and adds a little bit of a twist to it.

With sessions progressively getting cut shorter and shorter, we seemed now it was only right for us to express how ridiculous we actually find this order.

We had a few design ideas, which we have posted below. The item is currently in development & will be available soon.

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