A Community Focused Mental Health Project

Contendunt is a community of rad people who take a stand for mental health, whatever they do!

We're On A Mental Health Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to spark positive conversation, raise awareness, and tackle mental health stigma within our lifestyle sports communities.

We work to provide lifestyle sporting communities with the resources and opportunity to help one another understand and address mental health.

Suicide is a death that can be prevented, so everyone can work together to stop it and save lives.

Stay Smilin'

With an emphasis on education, support & inclusion of mental health, the "Stay Smilin'" capsule promotes our message to the masses. - We also donate 20% of profits to mental health charities.

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  • Mental Health Helplines

    We've worked to put together the helplines of over 100 different countries around the world for you to access mental health support.

    Access Support 
  • Mental Health Guidance

    We Have Information Listed For Guidance & Is Compiled From A Range Of Trusted Sources, Such As NHS England, Mind Charity & The Mental Health Foundation.
    This Tool Should Be Used To Assist You With Getting Help If You Feel It Is Needed.

    Access Guidance 
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  • Progression Pictures

    Progression Pictures is a series of short, documentary films where individuals within our lifestyle sporting communities sit down and openly discuss their own stories regarding mental health.

  • Stay Smilin' Podcast

    Keep Smilin’ podcast is a mental health podcast that talks about daily mental health struggles seen by participants of sports.

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  • MenTalkHealth charity logo. Mental Health Charity.

    20% TO CHARITY

    20% of profits from all sales are donated to mental health charity 'MenTalkHealth' - helping them fund crucial Mental Health First Aid Training.

    Learn More 

    We have over 100 different countries' mental health support services listed on our site.

    This helps people get the support they deserve

    Find Support 

    Community is very important. Our customers and followers are active members of our community who share the same ethos of wanting to make a difference when it comes to mental health conversation.

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Why Mental Health? - About Contendunt

Contendunt works to encourage positive conversation and tackle stigma surrounding mental health in lifestyle sports.

When you shop at Contendunt, you are supporting our mission, and enabling us to provide mental health information and education to our sporting communities.

About Us
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